Transforming Structures with Semi-Unitized Glazing

Semi-unitized glazing, offered by Glazium Facades, is a cutting-edge façade engineering solution that seamlessly combines the efficiency of unitized systems with on-site customization.

This approach strikes a perfect balance, allowing for the integration of various design elements while retaining the benefits of off-site fabrication.

Benefits of Semi-Unitized Glazing

Efficient Structural Enhancement

Glazium Facades enhances structural aesthetics while improving energy efficiency, offering a perfect blend of form and function.

Customization with Flexibility

Semi-unitized glazing allows for on-site customization to suit unique structural features while maintaining the efficiency of off-site fabrication.

Expert Façade Solutions

Benefit from Glazium's proven expertise in glazing solutions, utilizing glass or aluminum facades to transform buildings into structures of comfort and aesthetics.


Visually Stunning

Achieve architectural brilliance with visually striking designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any structure.

Low Time and Cost

Benefit from reduced installation time and lower labor costs due to off-site assembly of frames.

Water and Wind Resistance

Ensure the durability of your building with semi-unitized glazing's exceptional water and wind resistance.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Achieve architectural brilliance with visually striking designs that enhance the aesthetic appeal of any structure.

High Load Bearing Capacity

Enhance structural efficiency as vertical mullions can span two floors, providing greater weight-bearing capacity.

Thermal and Sound Insulation

Enjoy energy efficiency and a comfortable interior environment through advanced thermal and sound insulation.

Applications in Structural Enhancement

Semi-unitized curtain wall glazing enhances structures by providing a type of structural glazing where primary framing components are erected individually. This method offers flexibility and efficiency in transforming building facades.

How Glazium Implements this Service in the Real World?

At Glazium Facades, we employ a meticulous process where vertical mullions are attached to floor slabs, horizontals are added to resemble a grid, and glass or aluminum panels are shop glazed and installed into the assembled framework. Our semi-unitized systems are anchored securely to the face of the slab.

Why Choose this Service from Glazium?

Transform your building into a masterpiece of comfort and aesthetics with Glazium Facades’ semi-unitized glazed systems. Contact us today to discuss your project and discover the perfect façade engineering solution. Elevate your structures with Glazium’s expertise in glass and aluminum facades.